Mbaise Girlfriend: Changing the Narratives

We met in school but in a very hurtful situation. Our results were pasted on the wall just behind the Social Studies HOD’s office, and unlike what I expected, the SOS 301 I anticipated to score nothing less than a ‘B’ became nothing more than an ‘F’.

“What?” became my first exclamation when I saw my name in the same column with ‘F’.

I traced the name to the grade more than 10 times to be sure if truly that was my score.

A junior colleague behind me, who was also checking his result, burst into my world of agony by reminding me that that was my name and that no amount of tracing and retracing would change the grade.

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At this point, I became more furious. I landed on him a hot slap, not minding the fact that he was taller and more muscular than I was.

Just as expected, although he was my junior in school, the young man whom I presumed to be older in terms of age, dealt with me a great lesson.

I went home with bruises after we were separated from the fight.

I never imagined anyone around. All my thoughts were fixed on a score that shouldn’t have been mine.

Just 3 months ago when we took the ‘Human and Science’ (SOS 301) exam, I could remember I was secretly telling people the answers to the questions in the exam hall.

I was the first to finish writing but I stayed put until Adanma, an Mbaise lady whom I admired in school, submitted first.

Though I liked her, I never summoned the courage to tell her.

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A girlfriend from Mbaise
My Mbaise Girlfriend

SOS 301 was the only course I failed during my school days, and what led to the ‘F’ is still something I never imagined was possible.

After that day I fought with my junior, and I was seen sitting alone in the school’s love garden. The love garden was very close to my department.

Anywhere outside the love garden is my hostel. Anything other than these two places during school hours or resting hours is a no-no for me.

While I sat and still pondered on why I failed the course, Adanma came and started wondering why I reacted the way I did the previous day.

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Our deep conversation elevated me to a lighter mood. My conversation with Adanma made me understand that she was good at helping people get out of their sad situations.

We exchanged contacts and hoped to meet always during our resting times to discuss further academic-related activities.

One thing led to another, and we became lovers.

However, I was scared that my relationship with Adanma would ruin my relationship with my family since they have this disgusting hatred for Mbaise people.

When I first told them about my relationship with Adanma, my whole family flamed up upon hearing that she was from Mbaise.

I didn’t travel home for months as I made it clear to my family that if they can’t accept the woman I love, then they should be ready to lose me as a member of the family.

The bad stigma my family had against Mbaise people diminished when they had an encounter with Adanma.

It was shocking to my parents to believe that Adanma paid my 3rd year and final-year school fees, including my clearance fees after graduation.

Some of the money I sent home was given to me by Adanma. And she would always tell me to remember that I owe her nothing in return.

My love for Adanma was beyond human comprehension. We planned on getting married a few months after graduation, but she had the opportunity of travelling abroad to stay with her aunt.

Though, up until this very day, I have maintained conversations with her, and we are still planning on how to tie the knots.

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