Jealous Lover (Tale of Two Lesbians)

Jenny and Julie, two lesbians, fell in love during their high school years.

Their relationship deepened when Julie’s father fell ill. Jenny persuaded her parents to provide a substantial amount of money under the pretense of resolving a school-related issue, concealing her true intention to help Julie’s parents with medical expenses.

Jenny’s parents, well-off compared to Julie’s, were unaware of the true purpose of the money.

Due to this selfless act, Julie pledged wholehearted love to Jenny.

Their bond knew no bounds as they shared reading and playtime together.

Two months into their friendship, an extraordinary event unfolded.

Jenny, visiting Julie’s apartment, entered her room unannounced and discovered two people engaged in an intimate moment beneath the bedspread.

Shocked by the apparent betrayal, Jenny quietly retrieved a penknife from the kitchen.

Returning to the bedroom, she thrust it into the back of the young man, whose scream revealed her unintended victim—her younger brother enjoying time with Mara, Julie’s younger sister.

As Julie entered, the room was already a scene of chaos, marked by blood, leaving everyone speechless and motionless.

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is fictional and doesn’t portray any true life event. Any form of familiarity should be considered a coincidence. Thanks for reading.

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