Crush on My Lecturer: My Unconventional Journey

The course leader dropped the bombshell on Tuesday – an additional General Studies course thrust upon us. Students grumbled, blaming the course rep, though deep down, we all knew it was par for the course.

Reluctantly, we acknowledged that attending the class and taking the exam were non-negotiable for graduation. Thursday marked the introduction of the new course, and I, true to form, arrived fashionably late.

Mbaise Girlfriend: Changing the Narratives

Ten minutes shy of the class ending, I barged into the lecture hall only to lock eyes with a captivating lecturer. “Please remain outside,” she calmly instructed, halting my tardy entrance.

My initial frustration transformed into awe as I absorbed her beauty. Lost in admiration, it took her stern “Get out!” to jolt me back to reality.

Post-class, my curiosity got the better of me. I discreetly followed her to locate her office, seizing the opportunity to meet her during her off hours.

In love with my lecturer

Without beating around the bush, I confessed my feelings. While she appreciated my courage, she made it clear she wasn’t interested in dating students. Respectfully accepting her decision, I maintained a normal relationship with her until graduation.

Setting Boundaries in a Teenage Relationship For A Healthy and Respectful Love

On that significant day, I revisited her office. “Ms. Eucharia, you’ve been a great teacher and friend. You mentioned not dating students, and I respected that. Now, having graduated, would you be my girlfriend and the mother of my children?”

Initially claiming to be in a relationship, I saw through her bluff. Her subsequent hug and words, “Be the father of my unborn children,” signalled her agreement to be more than just a lecturer. Thus began our unconventional relationship, transcending the boundaries of lecturer and former student.

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