Saturday Serendipity: The Cinematic Love Saga

They say Saturday is reserved for weddings. Yet, a doubt creeps in, challenged by the love story of Ambassador Single and Favour Concept.

Their tale embodies the most talked-about, envied, and at times, jealous relationship. Amb Single Edwin, a versatile figure in cinematography and acting, found love with Maryjane Basil, a Nollywood makeup artist known as Flavour’s Concept, both hailing from Orlu in Imo state.

Their love story unfolded during a movie shoot in Imo state, with Amb Single as the Director of Photography (DOP) and MaryJane as the makeup artist.

How Janet and Mike Managed Their Long-Distance Relationship

“My heart skipped a beat every time Favour worked her magic,” confessed Ambassador Single. “Honestly, I felt I found my soulmate.”

Flavour’s Concept, speaking to us over the phone, shared that her love for Amb was unexpected. They met on a movie set, exchanged contacts, and the rest is history.

The Social Media Controversy

The online fracas about Amb Single and Flavour’s Concept’s relationship status began when he shared his wife’s image on WhatsApp and Facebook.

“It was a war,” he recounted. “I kept our traditional marriage low-key, but when I shared her pictures before her birthday, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing.”

“People from all over wanted to know about us. Celebrities I’ve worked with accused me of betrayal,” he chuckled. “I’m in Lagos, and my wife in Imo state; she’s bombarded with calls since I shared her picture.”

At Ease: A Love Transformed (Romance Story)

Initially embarrassed, he found reason to smile, declaring victory amidst the inquiries.

Maryjane’s beauty sparked debates among Nollywood crews. Congratulations to Ambassador Single Edwin for triumphing in this long-fought battle.

Cheers to their happy marriage! We at Nekenwa Stories wish them a successful and fruitful union.

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