She Cheated in Room 204

So, the 5-month marriage plan ended just one week before the wedding. The man caught his to-be wife cheating on him in Room 204, just one week before their wedding.

As a regular customer at J and Sons Hotel, situated in Southern California, Mr. Thompson was surprised to see his to-be wife lodging in the same hotel with him. Thompson lodges in this hotel each time he returns to Southern California before retiring to his home.

Jealous Lover (Tale of Two Lesbians)

He came back just a week before his wedding to be very prepared for the big day. To his surprise, his to-be wife lodged in the same hotel. However, he had nothing evil in mind and, while trying to approach the car where she was coming down from, he immediately retracted his steps when a guy presumed to be in his early 40s alighted from the car.

They moved towards the reception and got a room for themselves. They started kissing each other from the reception and found themselves in their room.

Signs of Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Mr Thompson couldn’t believe his eyes. He followed them to their door unnoticed. His heart broke when he concluded that his to-be wife was cheating on him.

What happened in Room 204 became history after Thompson left the scene without disturbing the two individuals who appeared to be having a good time in the room.

On the day of the wedding, the groom wasn’t in sight. All attempts to reach him came back fruitless.

A letter was handed over to the bride who was already at the wedding location. The only information in the letter was “REMEMBER LAST WEEK, ROOM 204.”

This was enough to convey the message that the marriage was cancelled due to cheating.

The lady fainted, and when she was revived, she explained her atrocious pre-wedding behaviour and hoped she would be forgiven.

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