Mr. Ibu’s Death: An Unbearable Childhood Shock

Due to the busy nature of the NYSC camp here in Kwara state, it is almost difficult for me to find myself online.

On Saturday night, I had this spare moment to come online and at least know what’s up with life outside the Yikpata camp.

When I launched my Facebook account, the first person’s status update that I saw was that of Ibekwe Mezie (Demezicotvfilms). In the post, he announced what I saw as the shocking news of the moment. He announced that the popular Nigerian comedian, John Okafor, who is popularly known as Mr. Ibu, had passed on to the great beyond.

To confirm the truth behind this, I immediately rushed to Twitter, and almost all verifiable news handles in Nigeria were already carrying the sad news of Mr. Ibu’s death.

Honestly, it was a big shock for me. I could remember how that man blessed my childhood memories.

His movies back in the day were fun to watch. His combination with Osita Iheme AKA Pawpaw in movie scenes was a yard of fun.

Late last year (2023), the news of his illness broke the internet. At first, it was announced that he had died, but after some days, his family came online to clear the air.

They acknowledged the fact that he was sick and needed serious medical attention but he was not dead.

This came as a relief to many, especially someone like me. Irrespective of the fact that I don’t know him in person, he is one of the best Nollywood veteran actors that I can never joke with.

Many well-meaning Nigerians contributed to Mr. Ibu’s medical fees, and the news of his positive response to treatment gladdened the hearts of all.

Things started turning sour when it was announced that Mr. Ibu’s leg would be amputated. He went through the amputation process, and of course, the news of his positive response added more joy in the hearts of many.

The day turned to night on Saturday when the news of the sudden demise of Mr Ibu struck the internet.

When I came online and saw this, it was too difficult for me to bear. I have seen many filmmakers establish their roles well, but honestly, none can be compared to how Mr. Ibu does his things as an actor.

It’s indeed a sad moment for his family, the Nollywood industry, the entertainment industry, the Nigerian nation, and the world in its entirety.

May God, who had called the soul of Mr. Ibu, grant him eternal rest, and may He give his (Mr. Ibu) family the strength and courage to bear this loss.

May the soul of John Okafor and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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