The Road walk and the Demons Habitat (Horror)

In the eerie darkness of the early morning, the clock struck 4:30 AM, and I felt a sudden urge to embark on a mysterious road walk. The streets lay deserted, and an ominous silence hung in the air, adding an unsettling vibe to the scene.

As I ventured further from my home, a chilling breeze whispered tales of a small house rumoured to be inhabited by sinister beings. My curiosity piqued, I couldn’t resist the pull of the unknown, and I found myself drawn towards the eerie dwelling.

With every step I took, a strange sensation enveloped me, like an invisible force impeding my progress. Despite my efforts to move faster, it was as if an otherworldly presence held me back, taunting me with its malevolent power. I felt a cold sweat trickle down my spine as fear gnawed at my courage.

The darkness seemed to be closing in, shrouding me in a realm of shadows and secrets. My heart pounded in my chest, and an overwhelming feeling of dread washed over me. It was a nightmare in motion – physically running, but stuck in a haunting limbo, unable to escape.

In the distance, the haunted house loomed, its sinister silhouette casting a spell of terror. As I struggled to break free from this nightmarish grip, my eyes caught sight of strange, unsettling movements in the corners of the house. My pulse quickened as I realized that I was not alone in this forsaken place.

Suddenly, out of the shadows, emerged ghastly demons with malevolent intent. Their eyes glowed with an unnatural, sinister gleam, and they lunged towards me, hungering for my very soul. Panic surged through my veins, and I knew I had to escape this horror.

But just as hope began to wane, a glimmer of salvation appeared – the piercing headlamp of an approaching vehicle sliced through the darkness. The demons recoiled, vanishing into the night as if the light was their kryptonite. The driver unknowingly saved me from a fate worse than death, and at that moment, the malevolent hold over me seemed to release.

With newfound speed and strength, I sprinted away from that cursed place. My legs carried me at an unnatural pace, surpassing any vehicle in motion. The world around me blurred as I fled in terror, vowing never to venture out for a morning juggle at that unholy hour again.

The night had shown me a glimpse of the unknown, a realm where malevolent beings lurked and dark forces played their wicked games. I knew I had escaped a nightmarish encounter that defied explanation. The memory of that chilling road walk would forever haunt my dreams, a constant reminder of the supernatural dangers lurking just beyond the veil of our reality.

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