How Running Stomach Nearly Disgraced My Village People

When you are eating what you presume to be good food, you have to be more careful not to eat your way into unfortunate situations.

On Friday night, I ended up consuming three plates of rice served at the NYSC camp. How did it happen? After I ate my plate of rice, two of my roommates mentioned they were not in the mood to eat that night due to their favourite football clubs losing against an opposing team.

I beckoned them to bring me their food since I wasn’t satisfied yet with my own. When they brought the food, I made sure none was left untouched. I finished it, and lo and behold, around 2 AM the next day, I started having a running stomach.

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I visited the toilet repeatedly until the day became bright. I managed to go to church on Sunday but didn’t wait for the mass to end.

When I felt movement (you understand what I am talking about) around my buttocks, I took permission from the churchwarden and ran straight to the hostel toilet to help myself. The soldiers were already alarming the ever-irritating bugle.

How Running Stomach Nearly Disgraced Me

I found myself on the parade ground where we were expected to gather for our parade rehearsal. While falling into straight lines, the almighty running stomach started again. I immediately held my stomach and buttocks and ran straight to the Mammy market (a mini-market usually found at all NYSC camps or military barracks).

Honestly, I remained in the restroom until the entire time allocated for the parade rehearsal. I only came out when I felt a bit relieved.

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However, after I came out of the restroom, I needed no advise from anyone to visit the camp’s clinic. Finally, I was given meds to cool off the situation.

It was after I took the medication from the clinic that I finally got myself together. I stopped having a running stomach.

I think I nearly forgot something. Well, I did not forget it. I just wanted to bring it up at this point.

During the time I ran out of the parade ground holding my stomach and buttocks, no one knew what was wrong with me but me. The only time they found out was when I started nearing the restroom.

I kept hearing their laughter from the background even when I entered the restroom.

Well, thank God I was able to control the running stomach until I got to the toilet. Who would have known what could have happened if I ignorantly started that rehearsal with them?

Imagine lifting a leg, and the colour of my buttocks changes (lol).

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Stay loved and safe.

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