Iyanya Avoids Wahala with Speed

Among Nigeria’s super artists, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, popularly known as Iyanya, stands out as one of the most talented artists unwilling to confront social media criticism.

In Birmingham, Iyanya was spotted sidestepping a twerk dance from one of his female fans, likely influenced by an incident involving Omalay during one of his shows in Nigeria.

Some time ago, Omalay’s dance with a fan led to significant social media backlash due to its controversial style.

While performing one of his songs, Iyanya skillfully avoided engaging in a similar dance with a female fan advancing towards him.

His action spoke volumes, signaling his reluctance to engage in a media war with Nigerians.

He shared a video of this ‘dance avoidance’ on his X handle, making it clear he wanted to avoid any potential issues.

The caption of the video was “Avoiding Problem 101.” Feel free to watch the video on his social media handle.

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