When Someone Makes You Feel Like a Burden in a Relationship

One of the worst things that can happen to a person in a relationship is when they start feeling like a burden to their partner.

If you have found yourself in this situation, it would make a lot of sense for me to inform you that you are not alone. So many have found themselves in this situation.

Those who managed it well were able to succeed in their relationship, while those who were unable to navigate through the burden-filled relationship ended up disastrously.

So, if you are reading this now, I am sure you are here to know what you must do if you start feeling that you are becoming a burden to your partner.

Before I proceed with what I have to tell you, I would like to share a very short story with you.

It is the story of Mike and Davian, who have been friends since their uni days. People thought that their relationship would lead to the altar, little did we know that it would crash on the day of graduation.

Mike’s Relationship Burden Story

While we celebrated, I noticed that Mike wasn’t feeling the vibes of the very loud music in the hall.

Mike's Relationship Burden Story

I walked up to him and excused us to the outside. It took me time to find out what exactly was wrong with him.

Mike told me that he always feels uncomfortable each time his girlfriend comes back home. He also added that all her actions for the past three weeks make him feel like he is a burden to her.

He referred me to the chaos that emanated between them before he came for the graduation party.

Mike said that his girlfriend reminded him of being poor and unable to afford any of his basic needs. Also, she wonders how he carries himself outside each time he is discussing with his friends about their girlfriends.

I asked him if they had a fight before all these came up, or if she does them at all times when they are together.

Mike told me that ever since he lost his job and moved into his girlfriend’s apartment, everything in their relationship changed.

He told me that the lady orders him around and also makes him do things that normally she would have done by herself.

Their most recent fight, which of course is the reason for his long face, is the very fact that the lady refused to follow him to the graduation party simply because he couldn’t afford a new dress for her.

All these and many others made Mike conclude that he was becoming, if not already, a burden to the lady.

What You Must Do

Now, back to our earlier discussion on what you must do if you start feeling that your partner is making you feel that you are a burden to them in your relationship.

What you will be reading now is the same advice I gave to Mike.

1. Communication

Communication, they say, is the honey of every relationship. Your ability to communicate effectively with your partner about pressing issues in your relationship goes a long way in settling such problems.

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If you are feeling that you are becoming a burden in your relationship, it will make great sense if you find out from your partner what exactly is going on.

Find out from him or her if you still have a space in their life, or they are just tired of the relationship.

2. Self-reflection

In many cases, some people don’t realize that their partners see them as a burden. Most times, they look at things and wave them off, not paying attention to their implications.

You must settle down and ask yourself some pertinent questions. Try to find out things you’ve done that have led to your partner’s sudden change of character.

Questions one asks oneself go a long way in providing good behavioural changes. And it is the answers you provide to yourself that help you in making the right decision.

Take your time and ponder on the reasons why you think your partner is seeing you as a burden and find appropriate measures to save your relationship from collapsing.

3. Be the First to Cut the Ties

That your partner sees you as a burden is not enough heartbreak already. What becomes the most deadly heartbreak is when they come to you and tell you to your face that you are a burden to them, and for that reason, they won’t continue with the relationship.

So, instead of that becoming your situation, it would make a lot of sense that you become the first to draw the line.

It would be advisable that you call the shots for the end of your relationship so that you can have peace of mind and blend with the person who cares about you.

Wrapping Up: When Someone Makes You Feel Like A Burden in Your Relationship

For someone to see you as a burden means a lot, and if you don’t handle such a situation with care, such a relationship might end up disastrously.

So, if I must advise you as a brother and friend from this other side of the world, I would suggest you take your time and find out what exactly is going on, try discussing it with your partner, and where that does not help, calling for a breakup for the sake of your sanity, regrettably, should be the next option.

Thank you for reading to this end. Please feel free to drop your comments and also share your experience with us. Looking forward to seeing you in our next post.