The Cold: A Riveting Tale of Choices and Consequences

“The Cold” is a poignant film produced by Dom Daniel Anyanwu and directed by Chinedu Igbokwe (DGN).

The narrative follows Okezie (Dom Daniel Anyanwu), driven by a desire to uplift his family from poverty through unconventional means. His friend Jidenna advises him to persevere and trust in divine intervention, while Okechukwu lures him into the quick but morally questionable path of money rituals.

“The Pastor’s Daughter” By Fred Calistus (The Movie)

Despite Jidenna’s counsel, Okezie succumbs to Okechukwu’s influence, leading him to sacrifice his beloved daughter for financial gain.

As expected, ill-gotten wealth proves fleeting. “The Cold” serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the transient nature of gains acquired through unethical means.

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Experience the powerful storytelling of “The Cold” and glean valuable lessons from its exploration of choices and consequences.

The film’s compelling narrative was crafted by Fred Calistus, skillfully edited by Nekenwa Saviosantos, masterfully produced by Dom Daniel Anyanwu, and expertly directed by Chinedu Igbokwe.

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