Why It Is Normal to Be Scared of Trying

Many people have questioned whether it’s normal to feel scared when attempting something new. From my perspective, I consistently tell those willing to listen that experiencing fear when venturing into uncharted territory is entirely natural.

When I embarked on my journey as a video editor, numerous challenges tested my resolve. These hurdles almost convinced me to abandon my pursuit of success. I want to emphasize that these challenges served as the fuel for my fears. I worried about the possibility of not succeeding as a video editor, particularly given the dynamic nature of the video editing landscape.

Often, I found myself contemplating the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that lay ahead, discouraging me from pushing forward.

Amidst life’s increasing difficulties, I made the conscious decision to return to my video editing job, the skill I was diligently honing.

Even with my teaching job, where the monthly salaries barely covered my week-to-week needs, let alone those of an entire month, I hesitated to delve into acquiring my video editing skills. It wasn’t until life’s harsh realities began to hit me that I mustered the courage to start.

It’s perfectly normal to be scared when striving for something new, but it becomes counterproductive if you allow fear to dominate your journey.

Life, as they say, is rife with risks — a dichotomy of success and failure. However, it’s crucial to remember that failures are valuable lessons.

Success often springs from the lessons learned in the aftermath of failure. To truly thrive in life, one must comprehend that failure plays a pivotal role in the emergence of success.

Consider the paths of notable figures like Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta boss, Goodluck Jonathan, Mary Morgan, and many others. Their success stories are laden with failures that ultimately paved the way for triumph.

So, you too can craft your success story. The key lies in not letting your fears overshadow your ultimate goal: success in life.