She abandoned her only child because of a man

Once upon a time in a community called Umuodara in the Eastern part of Nigeria, there lived a young, vibrant lady named Emilia. Due to her fun-filled lifestyle, Emilia’s name was shortened to Emily.

Emily loved her friends so much that she could go the extra mile just to ensure they were happy. Unfortunately, Emily did not mind whatever it was; she was ready to do anything to make her friends happy.

Understanding this about Emily, Chukwuma, a cunning friend, lured her to his house, pretending to be very sick. Upon hearing the tone of his voice on the phone, Emily quickly ran to his house to check up on him.

He told her that the doctors who ran a thorough check on him said that the cure to his problem was in Emily’s body. At first, Emily did not understand what Chukwuma was trying to say. He whispered into her ears what he meant by “the cure of his problem being in Emily’s body.”

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Emily shouted ‘No!’ and refused to agree to such a cure. While she tried to fight her way out of Chukwuma’s house, she was subdued by his strength, and the rest became history.

Emily cried back home to her aunt and told her all that transpired. Emily’s aunt, in anger, involved the police. Chukwuma was on the run, and no one knew where he disappeared.

The police did everything to apprehend Chukwuma, but all efforts were fruitless. Three months later, Emily began to experience signs of pregnancy. When her aunt took her to the hospital, the doctor confirmed their worst fear. Emily was pregnant.

Emily, who had been a virgin right from childhood, was now pregnant for a nonentity like cunning Chukwuma. Shame never allowed her to come outside. She tried to abort the baby, but her aunt, with whom she lived, stood as a stumbling block.

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Emily’s aunt, Anty Ebere, was chased out of her marriage because she could not bear her ex-husband a child. She started taking care of Emily the day her younger sister and her husband (Emily’s parents) died in an auto crash.

All efforts to get rid of the child by Emily met a stumbling block, which was her aunt. Anty Ebere warned that if anything untoward happens to that unborn child, Emily should consider herself cut off from her family.

Emily loved her aunt so much that she couldn’t bear to hurt or disrespect her. She decided to keep the pregnancy until the time for delivery came.

After giving birth on the due date, Emily disappeared into thin air. How she disappeared and abandoned the baby to her aunt took everyone by surprise.

She handed the child to her aunt and said, “His name shall be Chikezirim.” She excused herself to the bathroom, and that was how no one saw her again.

Aunty Ebere took Chikezirim home after clearing all hospital bills. Without looking back, Aunty Ebere promised to take good care of the child if not for anything but for her late sister.

Ebere and her late sister were very close, even upon death. She never joked about anything that had to do with her.

Years later, little Chikezirim finished his National Youths Service Corp (NYSC) and came back home as a full-fledged graduate.

When he came back, he gave Aunty Ebere 20 million naira to add to her shop. At first, Aunty Ebere refused to accept the money since she knew that he wasn’t working, and the 33k the federal government paid corps members every month for one year wouldn’t be enough to reach such an exact amount.

“Are you now into Yahoo Yahoo?” she queried.

Chikezirim laughed so hard that he couldn’t believe his aunty could think of him in such a way. He went ahead to inform Aunty Ebere that he is a computer programmer, and his job is very lucrative; he now owns houses in Owerri, the capital city of Imo state.

He plans on rebuilding a new house for her before he returns to his house in Owerri. Without further questions, Aunt Ebere hugged him and thanked God for keeping her late sister’s grandchild alive.

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