“The Pastor’s Daughter” By Fred Calistus (The Movie)

The long-awaited movie, “The Pastor’s Daughter,” written and directed by Fred Calistus, premiered on YouTube on Tuesday, just as promised.

The film starred notable names such as Fred Calistus, Justice Myrrh Chijioke, Nwaozuzu Melody, Ibekwe Mezie (Demezico), and others.

Watch the Trailer of Fred Calistus’ New Film “Pastor’s Daughter”

Nwaozuzu Melody, portraying the character Ada, became the central focus of the movie when she lost faith in the church. Her belief waned when the church couldn’t assist her ailing mother, leading to a poignant moment in the plot.

The situation turned chaotic following her mother’s demise. Despite her father’s (Fred Calistus) efforts to restore normalcy, all attempts proved futile.

For Ada, every action she took aimed to retaliate against the church, which she believed had failed her family by not fulfilling their promise regarding her mother’s illness.

The movie, skillfully edited by Nekenwa Saviosantos and managed by Ibekwe Mezie (Demezico), offers a compelling narrative.

Feel free to watch it on YouTube and share your thoughts in the comments section. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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