the Forbidden River of Omiomio

Omiomio was the goddess of the Abali kingdom. In the kingdom of Abali, no person is allowed to visit the Omiomio River on the 3rd day of every month.

It is a day set aside by the people of Abali to allow the great Omiomio, the river goddess, to take her bath with her disciples.

Anna Street’s Immortality: The Unprecedented Chaos (Episode 2)

Unknown to Kuku, a stranger in the land of Abali, who visited the kingdom as a refugee. Kuku fled his kingdom because of the war.

With the way his people were killed in the war, it is safe to say that Kuku was the only survivor.

Sky of Love: A Texan Love Story Soaring from Flight to Forever

Entering the kingdom of Abali late at night, Kuku found himself at the riverbank of the great Omiomio River.

Unfortunately, he came to the river on the 3rd day of the month, which, of course, is a day set aside for the great Omiomio and her disciples.

To his greatest shock, Kuku screamed at the sight of the giant woman with the head of a human and the body of a fish.

The goddess ordered her disciples to arrest Kuku and have him detained in their marine world.

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