TOUCHING: Dog Rescues Newborn Baby Abandoned in a Forest

The heat of Thursday afternoon descended into a chilling situation when a dog was spotted carrying a newborn baby to a public place where he could be seen by passersby.

A dog, said to have been wandering in a forest in search of food, found an abandoned newborn baby in the midst of a forest in Abagana Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Those who noticed what had happened said they saw a dog carrying a heavy polythene bag in its mouth and running straight to a public place to drop it.

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When people got close to see for themselves what the dog had dropped, behold, it was a newborn baby abandoned by its mother to die in the forest.

Quickly, one of the women took the child and cared for him. From the looks of things, it appeared that the baby had been abandoned for about two days.

As of now, the baby is safe and in good condition.

This story first appeared in the Tribune online newspaper.

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