UNPATRIOTIC GHANAIAN: I Prefer Nigerian Women To Ghanaian Women (VIDEO)

This is not the usual argument about Ghana and Nigeria’s jollof rice, which one is better?

This time around, it was an argument between two Ghanaians. One is defending the motherland while the other is criticizing it.

In a viral interview, a Ghanaian has poured out his dislike for Ghanaian women rather than their Nigerian counterparts.

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From the details obtained from the video, the man is Ghanaian, specifically from Kumasi, Ashanti. While his fellow countryman was trying to defend their ladies, he was busy lashing out at their disadvantages.

He said that Ghanaian ladies are short with big waists like a dining table, while Nigerians are tall with a moderate waist.

According to him, he said that most Ghanaian ladies are narrow-minded and they cannot reason before they act. They love to take advice first from their mothers before taking any action. Their Nigerian counterparts are good at decision-making. They don’t need to wait for their mothers before they can make decisions on anything.

He also added that he only dated one Ghanaian lady and after they broke up, he has always gone for the Nigerian ladies.

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I am sure that by now, most Ghanaian ladies who have seen the video are making inquiries on how to catch the man and deal with him.”

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