Man Cooks Food With Centipede, Warns Others

We received a phone call from one of our esteemed readers who also requested anonymity. During the phone conversation, he shared a story of how he cooked soup worth 10 dollars without knowing that there were centipedes in it.

This is how our conversation went:

“Hello, please, I would like to share a very sad story, and I would appreciate it if you could share it with your readers. Please avoid publicizing my name when telling the story.

I got home late from work and was very hungry. You know the situation in our country and how we suffer daily because of the lack of electricity. We don’t have power, and I was left with only the light from my phone to see what I was doing last night.

When the day was a bit brighter, I went to the market and bought some soup ingredients.

Upon reaching home, it was already dark, and as I mentioned earlier, I was relying on the flashlight of my phone since there was no electricity.

After cooking a meal that was so expensive, I ate and had a good night’s rest.

When I woke up the next morning and went straight to the kitchen to warm my highly-rated soup, I was shocked to find two centipedes inside. I took my time to observe how a centipede ended up inside the soup that I cooked.

From all indications, the centipedes had been there for more than 8 hours. This therefore concludes that they were in the soup even before I ate it last night.

Up until this very moment, I am still finding it difficult to determine whether they entered the soup after I finished cooking or before the cooking was completed.

My strong advice is that you should inform your readers to be careful when cooking, and they should also avoid cooking late at night, as this is likely to result in regrettable situations.”

We thanked him for sharing the story with us, and we hope that our great readers have learned something from this story shared by one of the community members.

Do you have a story to share with us? We are always ready to share it here with the entire community.

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