Honey Am in the Toilet (Lovers Toilet Meet)

In the scenario titled “Honey Am In the Toilet (Lovers Toilet Mealtime),” I found some areas for improvement:

While I was attending to personal matters in the restroom, my girlfriend paid a visit and began calling out to me.

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As she entered the living room, I only caught my name. I informed her of my location in the toilet, and she approached.

I cautioned her against coming near due to the potent odor emanating from the toilet, capable of causing discomfort.

However, she disregarded my warning and opened the door while I remained seated on the toilet.

Honey Am in the toilet

Her initial reaction was as anticipated. She covered her nose and jokingly remarked, “Your ex’s mouth smells like your waste.”

I, who had been stifling laughter, couldn’t contain it any longer upon hearing her comment.

Subsequently, I abandoned my task, flushed, and proceeded to take a refreshing shower.

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During my shower, my girlfriend took over, bathing me as if I were a newborn.

Despite my attempts to resist, she persisted. I knew that once she began, we would engage in playful activities.

Eventually, she removed her clothing and requested that I bathe her, fulfilling my apprehensions.

What was intended to be a brief shower turned into an extensive four-hour affair orchestrated by my girlfriend.

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