It all started on a hot afternoon when Egbe, the great hunter of Umuahia kingdom, went to check his traps in the thick forest of Ogbele.

Ogbele is a forest inhabited by different wild animals, and because it is a no-go zone for any human, the dangers surrounding the forest continue to loom.

Egbe is the only hunter who enters that forest and comes out alive with lots of catch.

Other hunters became jealous of him because while they chased animals in the bushes and farms, Egbe was busy doing the big boys’ things in the thick forest of Ogbele.

Regardless of his bravery, Egbe dares not go beyond the entrance of the forest.

The Wrath of Eke Njaba: Ancient Traditions and Modern Realities

Some envious hunters who wanted to be recognized and crowned great hunters too decided to try their luck in the Ogbele forest.

Without any knowledge of the real dangers of the forest, none of the three hunters came back alive.

One faithful Saturday afternoon when Egbe was in the forest, he had already caught some prey that could fetch him some money. But he was not satisfied with what he had already.

He decided to go deeper into the forest and see what he could find. He left the ones he had caught and marched further for bigger games.

Hungry carnivores ended up eating the animals he left behind.

Days passed, and no one heard from Egbe.

Egbe had died in the forest as he was devoured by a wild beast that inhabited the thickest part of the forest.


1. Know Your Limits: Despite Egbe’s courage, he understood the boundaries of his abilities and never ventured too deep into the dangerous forest. Understanding one’s limitations is crucial for survival.

2. Respect Nature: The story emphasizes the importance of respecting nature and its inhabitants. Ogbele forest was off-limits for a reason, yet some hunters ignored the warnings, leading to tragic consequences.

3. Jealousy Leads to Destruction: The jealousy of other hunters towards Egbe ultimately led to their demise. Envy can cloud judgment and lead individuals to make reckless decisions.

4. Hubris Can Be Fatal: Egbe’s decision to push further into the forest out of greed for bigger game ultimately led to his downfall. Hubris, or excessive pride, can blind individuals to the dangers around them.

5. Be Content: Egbe’s dissatisfaction with his current catch drove him to take unnecessary risks. Learning to be content with what one has can prevent greed from clouding judgment.

6. Stay Informed: Ignorance of the dangers lurking in the forest proved fatal for the other hunters. Being well-informed about potential risks can prevent tragedies.

7. Nature’s Power: The story highlights the raw power of nature and its ability to reclaim what is hers. Despite Egbe’s skill as a hunter, he was ultimately no match for the wild beast that claimed his life.

Reflecting on these takeaways can help individuals navigate their own challenges and make wiser decisions in life.

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