Mummy of Lagos Sentenced: A Warning to All

On Friday, after the EFCC withdrew the 5th and 6th charges against Bobrisky, the court finally sentenced the transgender woman, Idris Okuneye, popularly called Bobrisky.

Bobrisky, who was arrested by the EFCC on the grounds of money laundering or mutilation, appealed guilty before the Lagos State High Court.

Upon accepting guilt for the offense levied against him, the court sentenced him to 5 days’ imprisonment.

However, many well-meaning Nigerians, especially those from the Eastern region, have gone ahead to warn their people, as this is likely going to target them.

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People from the Eastern part of the country are known for spraying money at chief celebrants of any occasion they are invited to.

What has happened to Bobrisky serves as a warning to others, advising them to try as much as possible to refrain from spraying money in the air.

They should seek better ways of showing love to the celebrant rather than spraying money in the air.

There is a belief that when something goes wrong in Nigeria, the Igbos become the target. The tendency of not having a fair punishment, like in Bobrisky’s case, is very possible as long as an Igbo person is concerned.

They are therefore advised to be conscious when giving money or showing love or support to celebrants of the occasions they are invited to.

What is your opinion on this? Do you believe that people from Eastern Nigeria are the main targets in relation to Bobrisky’s ordeal? We would like to hear your comments via the comments section.

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