Hidden Sacrifice: Directed by Chinedu Igbokwe

Revealing the brilliance behind this captivating Nollywood creation, Director Chinedu Igbokwe (DGN) steers the ship, with a compelling narrative by Fred Calistus and meticulous editing by Nekenwa Saviosantos.

“Hidden Sacrifice” extends an open invitation to families of all generations, promising an enriching cinematic experience for both the young and the young at heart.

The narrative revolves around Paul and Peter, identical twin brothers adored by their mother. Pastor Dom Daniel Anyanwu, embodying the roles of both twins, demonstrates a profound acting prowess that adds depth to the storyline.

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Driven by impatience and the pursuit of quick wealth, Peter takes a dark turn, resorting to using his mother for money rituals. The repercussions unfold swiftly, with the ghost of his mother taking decisive action. Tragically, her soul becomes entangled in the secret society to which Peter belongs, thwarting all attempts at liberation.

A turning point emerges when Paul, accompanied by his Togolese friend Kizito (Fred Calistus), returns home. Will the truth unravel in this Hidden Sacrifice masterpiece? The answer lies in your hands as you embark on this cinematic journey.

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Meet the cast of the Hidden Sacrifice movie:

  • Dom Daniel Anyanwu (Peter and Paul)
  • Fred Calistus (Kizito)
  • Ibekwe Mezie (Okoro)
  • Ebosie Stephanie (Sharon)
  • Elijah Okeke (Dave)
  • Chizy Jennifer (Lizzy)

This cinematic gem, crafted by Fred Calistus, overseen by Ibekwe Mezie, impeccably edited by Nekenwa Saviosantos, and directed by Chinedu Igbokwe (DGN), stands as a testament to the prowess of Nigerian cinema. Dive into the Hidden Sacrifice experience and let the narrative unfold before you.

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