Ghosted: Time to Say Goodbye

So, I finished what took me to Unity Bank on Thursday morning, and I thought it was cool to visit an old-time friend.

For the past five months, we have never seen each other. I called to inform her that I was very close to her office, and she reluctantly approved my coming.

Before heading to her office, I noticed from the sound of her voice that she might not welcome me properly. But because I’ve missed her and longed to see her, I decided to push forward to meet her.

Upon getting to her office for the first time, I didn’t cease to appreciate the beauty of the office. In fact, the lady had done marvelous work on the fashion shop.

It took her a while to tell me to sit down. From that moment, I knew that I was not welcomed there.

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For more than 10 minutes after I got to the shop, I was talking to myself. While she was giving me a reluctant response to my questions, I concluded within me that it was high time I left before her mood turned into something else.

I told her that I had to leave since it was obvious she’s not interested in talking to me. All she said in response was “okay”.

At this point, I was so mad at myself for ever thinking of coming to this place in the first place.

Ghosted: Time to Say Goodbye

I left her office with a broken heart, and it will surprise you to know that she never called me to apologize for her actions. This means that she was happy with her actions, and those actions were all intentional.

For a long time, she has maintained this habit, and I, on the other hand, have been taking it easy with her.

However, this singular act of ghosting or ignoring me while she is still there with me is enough to say goodbye.

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Any friendship that would disrupt your peace of mind is not worth it. It is high time you said goodbye to relationships that don’t bring you peace and happiness.

Go to those who value you and stay away from those who do not.

Hope this was helpful. Have you had a similar experience? We would like to hear from you.

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