Is there a link between depression and crimes?

The issue of depression linked to crimes has been overwhelmingly discussed by a lot of scholars.

Depression can be seen as a state of temporary mental disorder which after its existence, the host returns to normal.

However, depression is not a crime situation but one of the things that can trigger someone into committing crimes.

Just like we are taught that temptation is not a sin but it becomes one when you fall for it.

On its own, depression has no link to crimes but it has a great potential of forcing someone into committing crimes.

I will use the story below to explain further what I am trying to portray.

The link between depression and crimes (Maxwell’s story)

Maxwell, a promising and hard-working young boy from the United States, got back home to boarding school to live with his sick mom.

The link between depression and crimes (Maxwell's story)

His dad left them when he was 6 and his mom fell sick on his 10th birthday.

It has been an uneasy one for Maxwell and his mom. Unfortunately, his mom was not strong enough to take care of the young Maxwell.

The bills emanating from her medications made the family life from hand to mouth. There was no one the family could turn to for help. No one. Not even a family member.

The depression became so hard on Maxwell that he ended up stealing people’s property to raise money to at least buy his mom’s meds.

On a sad Saturday night, Maxwell picked the wrong pocket and he was caught.

He was arrested and when the news of his arrest got to his mom, she gave up the ghost due to shock.

The death of Maxwell’s mom was so heavy on the little lad that even in the Children’s Welfare where he was, he still sought a way and ended his own life.

Indeed, it was a sad one.

Disclaimer: Please note that this story and all of its content are fictional. It was created to better send home the information portrayed in this post.

Back to our discussion

From the above story, it is understood that it is normal for someone to be depressed but in a situation where it is not properly managed it could result in a crime.

Maxwell (though was too young) was unable to manage the depression so he ended up stealing people’s properties to see how he could salvage the situation.

He was caught and the shock of it caused his mother’s life. Also, Maxwell’s depression increased after the death of his mother and he also committed suicide in the Children’s Welfare.

Possible solution to this problem

The possible solution to the problem of depression is to start doing things that are contrary or opposite to what’s making you depressed.

Some of those solutions include seeing a medical professional since it is a health issue and relates to medicine, exercise, meditation and lots more.

You are welcome to read here to get more information on how to solve the problems of depression.

We have also discussed in our previous post, how depression is not curable but treatable.

People should as much as possible stay away from situations that might trigger depression.

Have you got a friend who is depressed in any way? Read this to see what you can do to help him or her.

Wrapping Up: Is there a link between depression and crimes?

Depression on its own is not a crime as we said earlier but if you are unable to manage it, it could push you into doing things you don’t want to do. Some of those things you don’t want to do could be criminal offences.

Irrespective of the fact that we cannot wholesomely place crimes on the head of depression, there is still a tiny line that links them.

The bottom line of the whole thing is this, depression can lead to one committing crimes and the best way to solve that is by doing the opposite of those things that push you into depression.