Hi, my name is Saviour Chinekenwa Nwariwe popularly called Saviosantos.

I am the CEO of comic clan entertainment an entertainment and lifestyle group poised with the zeal of making everyone happy and educating the populace. I am also the brain behind theschoolmedia.com a blog that discusses many contents like marriage, friendship, education etc. But  now focusing on only local and international news.

I am an educator and also a comedian.
Acting, singing and dancing has always being my hobby. But above all, helping people solve their problems through every available means have always being my priority.


This blog nekenwastories.com, came up after I decided to do away with theschoolmedia.com.

Nekenwa Stories is all about stories (both fiction and nonfiction).

Sometimes, you will get to read about sports and some articles that looks like news etc. They are not actually sports or news. Its my way of reacting to some events that happen around me or what I picked interest in.

This blog, basically focus on helping my esteemed readers by providing them opportunities to attain success in life through story telling.

That is to say, what ever that will help to bring about success in life, that's what I blog about.

Thanks and remain blessed....

My name is Saviosantos a comedian and actor and also an educator
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