About Nekenwa Stories

Hi, and welcome to Nk-stories. I am glad you are here to know more about us, you are highly welcome.

Nekenwa Stories is a storytelling platform/blog.

The blog shares stories worth reading. This includes both fiction and nonfictional stories.


Fictional stories are tales or type of entertainments which contents are never true or never happened.

It can also be referred to as a never-happened story.

Good example of Fictional stories include some of the literary works done by Nekenwa Saviosantos which are; 

It is also important to note that fictional stories can also have some attributes of real life events but above all, the story never happened.


Non-fiction is the direct opposite of fiction.
Here, stories told are factual and truthful. That is to say, all contents in this type of story really happened.

In short, Non-fiction are true life stories.
A good example of Non-fictional stories are; news, lifestyles etc.


QUE 1. Is Nekenwa Stories fictional or a Non-fictional Blog?

ANSWER: Like I pointed out earlier, this blog shares stories that really happened and the ones that did not happen.

The ones that did not happen (fiction) are the pure products of Nekenwa's imagination..

The ones that actually happened (Non-fiction), are stories gotten from real world events like news, people's lifestyle, what actually made people to succeed etc.

QUE 2. What is the purpose of Nk-stories?

ANSWER: This blog is established to point out the ills of the society true story telling. And also, it came into fruition to entertain and also help people succeed through storytelling.

QUE 3. Is Nekenwa Stories a News site?

ANSWER: To clear this, Nk-stories is not a news site. We only share stories of what is happening and what never happened (Non-fiction and fiction). Our stories might come in form of news but (to us) we see it as a flash story. A quick teller or summary of such event that happened in the society.
So clear it from your mind. Nk-stories is not a news site.

QUE 4. Who is the Brain Behind Nk-stories?

ANSWER: An actor, educator and above all, a lover of God.

His name is Nwariwe Saviour Chikezie Chinekenwa. Professionally called Saviosantos.

He is an indigene of Imo State, Biafra land.

QUE 5. Do Nekenwa Stories make Money?

ANSWER: In our story blog (though we are strongly building our reader community) we make our money through advert placements, affiliate marketing, selling of Ebooks, and sponsored posts.

That is to say in a nutshell, you are welcome to advertise your products with us at a very affordable price.

Thanks for coming around. Hope the your question is answered?
Feel free to CONTACT US if you have more questions.


Thanks and remain blessed....

Saviosantos the brain behind Nekenwa stories

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