“My Money is Received and Untouched” BBNaija Winner

Big Brother Naija, or simply BBNaija, found itself in hot water as fans lashed out over delayed payments to the tune of 120 million naira owed to Ilebaye, the victorious contestant.

One die-hard fan, Ebyfyn, took the reins of justice into his own hands, lambasting BBNaija’s organizers akin to the biblical Stations of the Cross. He minced no words, emphasizing the injustice of withholding a worker’s due wages while gearing up for yet another season of the decade-old program.

My Money is Received and Untouched" BBNaija Winner

In a defiant Instagram live session, Ilebaye silenced critics by confirming receipt of her full payment.

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To drive the point home, she revealed that the staggering 120 million Naira had been securely stashed in her bank account. Even more astonishing? She confessed to not having laid a finger on the fortune since it landed in her lap.

So, despite the whirlwind of expenses post-BBNaija, Ilebaye has been cruising through life, fueled by the generosity of fans and lucrative ambassadorial deals, while her hard-earned millions remain untouched.

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