Surviving the Heatwave in Nigeria

How does one go to bed peacefully only to wake up in the middle of the night feeling like they’ve accidentally wet the bed? It’s a mystery of the current heatwave in Nigeria, where the intensity seems unparalleled.

A few days back, I found myself questioning if Imo state had become an extension of the northern part of Nigeria. Escaping the stifling heat in my room became a daily struggle.

Picture this – attempting to take a refreshing afternoon bath, only to be greeted by scalding water. Nothing seems to be going smoothly; even the water for bathing turns oppressively hot, and the room relentlessly punishes with accumulated heat.

Am I the only one feeling this way? Has anyone else noticed that, while bathing in the sweltering afternoon, it feels like you’re still sweating inside the bathroom? Or is it just me?

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To compound matters, the power supply (NEPA) seems to lack any semblance of human sympathy. In a full 24 hours of heat, you’re lucky to enjoy light for a mere 45 minutes to 1 hour. After that, it’s lights out until the next day.

For those fortunate enough to own a generator, congratulations. You might not realize the divine intervention it is during this scorching period.

Mosquitoes and Heat

Complaining about the heat is one thing, but mosquitoes are the silent accomplices adding to the nighttime frustrations.

Accepting to sleep in the heat is one challenge, yet mosquitoes persistently remind you that they need to feast to survive. And what’s their preferred menu? Your blood.

Imagine them announcing their arrival in your ear, and after their meal, they inform you of their departure. They won’t leave until you give your consent, which usually involves flinging your hands or slapping yourself.

This discomfort continues until you decide to abandon sleep in the middle of the night, engaging in activities that could easily wait until morning—things like checking your phone, cooking, or doing laundry.

Heat indeed is something else. Someone would always ask, why not use a mosquito net to ward off mosquitoes? And my response is, “Sir, how much do you love yourself? How do you survive the heat inside a mosquito net? Your entire room is hot, and you want to construct another hot room inside an already existing hot room. Not everyone has the money to buy PMS to fuel their generator. Funny enough, these days, it is almost difficult for an average Nigerian to buy fuel due to how expensive a litre of fuel has become.

How Do I Survive Heat in Nigeria

My strategy might be different from yours. This is why it will be highly appreciated if you can drop in the comments section your way of surviving the heat.

How Do I Survive Heat in Nigeria

During this time, I try to fetch enough water at night (a bit cold by then) and store it in a sun-free zone. When the day becomes unbearably hot, and sweating feels inevitable, I reach for the stored water. Fetching directly from the tap in the hot afternoon would only lead to regret. Instead, I opt for the stored water, which remains refreshingly cold.

Another survival tactic involves keeping my windows open. However, if you choose this strategy, exercise caution regarding your security. While most reasonable thieves might steer clear during this heatwave, there’s always the risk of those who don’t care about the time of day.

An effective yet costly method is installing an air conditioning unit. This seems like the ideal solution, but the challenge lies in both acquiring and consistently powering it, given the unpredictable nature of the electricity supply in Nigeria.

Wrapping Up: Surviving Heat in Nigeria

Enduring the heat in Nigeria is no small feat. Share your survival tactics in the comments section – let’s navigate this sweltering journey together.

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