Anna Street’s Immortality: The Mysterious Birth (Episode 1)

It was afternoon, and Helen was still feeling strong. Her husband warned her against her heavy duties due to the fact that she was heavily pregnant. Helen is always stubborn and the type that won’t be talked down until she finishes doing her job.

Helen works on the farm of the richest man in Kishon. He pays all his workers based on their work for that day. Unfortunately, whoever works for Chief Kletus is definitely a slave for life. This implies that the Chief owns you and everything about you.

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The Chief controls 90% of the land in Kishon. No one owns anything. Convinced, Kletus controls the day-to-day running of Kishon and, of course, he owns everything that is living and nonliving that inhabits the territory of Kishon.

While she was tending to the horse, Helen felt something going off her. The feeling was like when pee drops off your body unconsciously. It was the baby in her womb.

Her husband was surprised at how his wife delivered a baby girl without any sign of labor. The baby just dropped like that.

People around became scared, as such had never happened. No woman gives birth without undergoing the pains of childbirth.

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People encouraged her to kill the baby since she is not born like the way a normal child should be born.

In anger, Helen’s husband took a weapon and threatened to attack anyone who dares to lay his/her hands on his newborn baby or his wife.

News reached Chief Kletus about the birth of an evil child. Kletus summoned Helen and her husband. Knowing fully well of the capability of the Chief, Helen and her husband took their newborn child into hiding.

Overwhelmed with anger, Kletus sent his soldiers to find Helen and her husband. They sought them for one week and found them in a cave very far away from human settlement.

Helen and her husband knew that the Chief’s army would definitely find them; she threw the baby into the moving ocean that was behind them.

An ocean depicting where Helen and her husband threw in their new born baby

Her prayers were that the gods guide their new and only child as they are to be slain for something that was not their fault.

They were arrested and taken to the Chief as ordered. After hearing the story of how the baby was thrown into the ocean, the king insisted they be thrown into the lions’ den.

Without questions, the soldiers threw the husband and wife into the lions’ den, and as expected, the lions devoured the husband and wife.

His mind was still not at peace. The Chief set out his soldiers again to go to the shores of the ocean to find the body of the little evil child.

The soldiers who came back with negative news of not finding the child after 14 days of constant check were as well thrown into the lions’ den, being bearers of bad news.

The mysterious birth of the child left the king awake all nights.

After two years of worrying about the mysterious evil child, he stopped worrying about her anymore. He believed that the child died in the ocean, and nothing whatsoever would save her life.

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