Uber driver of my Heart

Gabriel, an Uber driver, was furious with himself for deciding to work that day. No passenger was assigned to him and such.

While angrily navigating the area, he nearly knocked down Cecilia, who was also in a bad mood that day.

“Can’t you at least watch out for incoming vehicles before crossing the road?” he angrily asked while stepping down from his cab.

Cecilia, also having a bad day, rained insults on him. She called him names and wondered if he was blind to see her while crossing.

The two lashed out at each other. No one was ready to leave the scene, implying neither was willing to lose the argument.

The argument lasted for about 10 to 20 minutes until Gabriel recognized himself. He quickly went into his cab and drove off. Cecilia, on the other hand, appeared unready to stop the argument. She continued talking at the top of her voice even when Gabriel had driven off.

Two weeks later, Amanda, Cecilia’s older sister, ordered an Uber to take them to their father’s house.

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No one could believe that it was Gabriel who came to pick the two sisters.

Cecilia quickly recognized him. It was as if the whole argument was about to be reopened until Gabriel froze it with an “I am sorry.”

She was short of words. Amanda appeared confused, but there was no time to explain.

Gabriel took them to their destination safely, and it was indeed an enjoyable ride since he was a chatty Uber driver.

Things went on to turn green for Gabriel and Cecilia. They met a couple of times, and the beautiful four-letter words (LOVE) caught up with them.

Both lovers can never believe how they met and how they finally became inseparable.

The love story of Gabriel and Cecilia became and remained an undying tale of love, where one can still meet his better half in unimaginable places and situations.

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