Surviving Conjunctivitis (Apolo) Disease

One morning, I woke up with my eyes looking like angry tomatoes – red, itchy, and watery.

Panicking, my friends suggested some really odd fixes. First, there was the idea to use urine – yeah, you read that right. But, thinking about it, I decided I’d rather keep my dignity intact.

Then came the suggestion of using breast milk. Apparently, it had magical healing powers.

I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a secret farm dedicated to curing eye problems with breast milk.

Politely, I said no and decided a trip to the store for regular eye drops sounded way better.

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Just when I thought it couldn’t get weirder, another friend recommended a solution involving sugar water.

Supposedly, the sweetness would make everything better. I imagined myself in the kitchen, making a weird potion with sugar, water, and desperation.

Thankfully, my common sense kicked in before I started that experiment.

I insisted on seeing a doctor, and walking into the clinic felt like finding sanity after the chaos of strange advice.

The doctor listened, didn’t laugh at my bizarre experiences, and gave me a prescription for eye drops.

Those drops worked like magic. In just a few days, my eyes were back to normal.

Looking back, I realized that as tempting as it was to try strange remedies, the simple advice from a doctor was the best.

My eyes survived the odd adventure, and I learned to appreciate the straightforward solutions that medical science offers.

Next time someone suggests a weird remedy, I’ll stick to what the doctor recommends because, when it comes to my health, a professional prescription is worth more than anything else.

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