A Silly Mistake That Cost Me Gold

So, I decided to write about this because I believe someone out there might need some advice.

A silly mistake one makes is strong enough to ruin a long-time reputation. If you can’t manage it, don’t get yourself involved.

How it Started

So, I fell deeply in love with Sofia and wished things could work between us. It was indeed love at first sight.

I met her on that cool day, wearing fine jeans and trousers that were so tight on her legs and a rosy-looking Ankara top that fitted her astonishing beauty.

I tried to talk to her at that moment, but she was in a hurry. So, I decided to let her be. If this was fate, then we would meet again.

We did meet again, and this time, she looked at me like a stranger who wouldn’t stop at anything until he won the right to talk.

What to do when your love is not reciprocated

Finally, I got her phone number, and the conversation started. When I told her about my feelings for her, she didn’t waste any time telling me that she was already in a relationship.

Initially, I thought she was just testing me, but it became clear that she was telling me the truth.

I had to accept the situation and fall in line with the kind of friendship she wanted, which, of course, was just friends without further attachment.

Spike in My Teaching Profession

The desire to quit my teaching job was growing until Ms. Akudo was employed.

Ms. Akudo was indeed an epitome of beauty. Honestly, she possessed all that qualifies as beauty.

Her involvement in the teaching staff increased my interest in teaching unexplainably. I saw my passion for teaching returning.

The funniest thing was that I wished Saturday and Sunday were school days so that I could see Ms Akudo and admire her even more.

As time went on, I gathered courage and told her about my feelings for her. She, just like Sofia, was not interested in a relationship.

She told me she was not into colleagues’ stuff and would prefer mere friendship.

I had to respect that and continued to press the button.

Navigating an Open Relationship: Exploring Love’s Ageless Gains

The shocking part of the whole thing is that Ms. Akudo was Sofia’s best friend. I came to know about it on the day we were discussing school and our friends.

At that time, I knew it was time to completely drop whatever feelings I had for her since she was the bestie of my before crush.

I couldn’t resist the growing desire to have her as a part of my life, but she maintained her ground.

The Evolution of Returned Feelings

So, I got in talks with Sofia again and talked a lot. She is honestly a great soul that anyone can encounter.

Truth be told, I realized that what I once felt for her never died. “But since her friend Ms Akudo turned me down, then I had nothing to worry about.” I thought this to myself, believing that it was fine.

It wasn’t more than two weeks since I last reminded Ms Akudo about my interest in her again. I told Sofia about my feelings for her.

Sofia maintained her previous response, which was that she was not interested and also had someone already.

I understand that, for the fact that these individuals were best friends, the tendency of shooting myself in the foot was imminent.

“But I am not dating either of them, so why should I fear anything?”

So, Ms Akudo sent a message and asked why I intended to date two friends at the same time.

At the first instance, I thought I was being poked. All my reasons for my actions appeared unacceptable. I had to apologize.

The truth is, the respect these two had for me drastically reduced, and I acknowledged that it was a mistake I never should have allowed.

Honestly, Akudo and Sofia are great people that I have lost to the mistake of love.

It is nice to fall in love, but if you are, don’t repeat my mistake. Love maturely.

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