One Month in Owerri Prisons (What Happened)

My name is Chinaza Chinedu, and this is me writing my story from the dark walls of Owerri prisons.

How did I end up here? This is what happened.

On Saturday morning, I received a call from Felix, and he told me he was bringing a client for me by noon. I am a video editor, and through it, I earn a living. Getting jobs in video editing is challenging, especially when you are still working your way into the industry.

The announcement of this gave me lots of joy. Since it was already morning, I had to attend a conference scheduled for 8 a.m. By noon, I would already be at Felix’s place reaching an agreement with the client.

It was around 11:45 a.m. when my phone rang in the conference hall. I excused myself to answer the call coming from an unknown number.

It was the client Felix told me about. He took my number so he could remind me of our scheduled noon meeting.

Immediately, I rushed to the exit to board a Taximo going to Irette.

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The driver had no other passenger but me. When he got to Control, he pulled over to see if he could get more passengers going to Irette.

He stepped down from the car, leaving the car steaming, and never stopped to scream, “Irette! Irette! Irette!”

According to my time, it was already 12:04 p.m. Four minutes away from my meeting time with my prospective client. According to Felix, the client is one whose pay will change my life for good as a video editor. But he doesn’t joke with his time.

Still clouded with the thoughts of not losing this God-given prospective client, I unconsciously moved to the driver’s seat of the steaming taxi and drove off.

Getting close to Arogo Park, I realized what I had done and pulled the car over.

“What have I done?” I wondered. I started looking for a way to call the owner of the car, but unfortunately, no document was in trace.

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Within a space of 3 minutes, the car owner came to where the car was parked, and I was so delighted he came. Unfortunately, he came with police officers.

Without uttering a word to me, he entered his car and drove off. I was left with the police officers.

They were not interested in my story. They got me arrested and, of course, charged me to court.

At the court, when asked whether I was guilty of the offense or not, I shouted: “Guilty.”

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The judge in charge of the case, upon pronouncing her judgment, I interrupted by begging her for a few minutes to hear my side of the story.

Touched by my voice, she gave me the opportunity. I explained everything to the court and how deeply sorry I was and I acknowledged the fact that I allowed my emotions and my desire to make money to take a better part of me.

After listening to my story, I could tell that the judge had pity on me and gave me a light sentence.

So instead of spending 3 years in jail, which is the official number of years for such a crime (felony) as provided by the country’s constitution, the judge reduced it to one month with a fine of N100,000.

In a few days, I will be leaving this place.

My name is Chinaza Chinedu, and this is my story.

Takeaways from the Story

  1. Time Management and Responsibility: Chinaza’s story highlights the importance of managing time effectively and taking responsibility for one’s actions. His decision to drive off with the taxi in a rush ultimately led to legal consequences.
  2. Emotional Control: The narrative also touches on the importance of emotional control. Chinaza mentions allowing his emotions and the desire for financial gain to influence his decision, leading to a regrettable outcome.
  3. Consequences of Impulsive Actions: The story serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of impulsive decisions. Chinaza’s impromptu action resulted in legal trouble, emphasizing the need for careful consideration before taking significant actions.
  4. Legal System Consideration: The legal system is depicted as somewhat lenient in this case, with the judge showing compassion and reducing the sentence after hearing Chinaza’s side of the story. This suggests the potential for understanding and mercy within the legal system.
  5. Opportunity for Redemption Despite the mistake, there is a theme of redemption in the story. The judge’s decision to reduce the sentence indicates a willingness to consider individual circumstances and offer a chance for rehabilitation.


Chinaza Chinedu, a video editor, rushes to a client meeting but impulsively takes over a taxi, leading to legal trouble. In court, he pleads guilty but gets a reduced sentence due to the judge’s compassion.

The story concludes with Chinaza reflecting on the lessons learned.

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