How to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship After Lying

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Trust is one thing that holds a union firmly, and when it is broken, it becomes very difficult to rebuild.

If you truly love your partner, one thing you must avoid is making him/her lose the trust he/she has in you.

Not just in romantic relationships. Most times, it takes trust for something fragile to be kept under your watch. If people see no reason to trust you, trust me, your possibility of success with them is very slim.

But what should you do if someone loses the trust they had in you because you lied? This is where the significance of this post comes in.

In this post, we shall be discussing ways you can rebuild trust after lying.

How to Rebuild Trust After Lying

Rebuilding trust after lying is a challenging process, but it’s possible with sincere effort and commitment.

1. Tell Yourself the Truth

You can deceive every other person in this world, but the only person you cannot deceive is yourself. You have to tell yourself the truth.

By telling yourself the truth, I mean accepting your mistakes and understanding that they were capable of destroying your relationship.

That is the first step in healing and rebuilding trust lost as a result of lies.

2. Self-discipline

After you have acknowledged your lapses, the next step you must take is to start disciplining yourself. This is achieved by making the decision never to tell lies again.

You understand what lies have done to your relationship. You must decide never to tell lies again, no matter what the situation is. With this, you will notice a sign of relief and a great comeback.

3. Understand the Impact

Reflect on the consequences of your lie and how it hurt the other person. Show genuine understanding of their feelings.

Most times, we do things without understanding how they affect the other person. It is very important to understand that the other person was gravely offended because of the lies, hence the mistrust.

You must understand that they have every right to be angry and also end their trust in you because you lied. Put yourself in their shoes; if you were the person lied to, how would you feel?

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4. Seek Forgiveness

Lies are great relationship breakers. If you are not careful, you are likely going to lose your relationship.

Having acknowledged that you lied and deserved the repercussions, take your time and seek forgiveness from the person you have offended.

Asking for forgiveness shows a sign of remorse and great atonement for your sins.

5. Communicate Openly

If you are interested in rebuilding a relationship lost as a result of the lies you told, it is important to initiate an honest conversation about the lie and its reasons.

Be transparent and answer any questions truthfully. While you are giving your reasons for telling the lies, avoid making it look as if you had the right to tell the lies; after all, it is what made your relationship end in the first place.

6. Commit to Honesty

Also, it is important to make a clear commitment to never lie to that person again.

Explain how you plan to avoid such behaviour in the future. At least with this, the person will see reasons why he should give you a second chance.

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7. Rebuild Consistency

Don’t act once as you decide to stop showing your new nature of honesty. If you stop, no one will take you seriously.

If you are interested in rebuilding lost trust, you must consistently demonstrate honesty in your actions and words over time to rebuild trust gradually.

8. Give Space and Time

No one starts a blog in one day and expects it to start making huge money on that same day. You broke the trust someone had in you; it is still important to give them space and time to bounce back.

Understand that trust takes time to rebuild. Allow the other person space and time to heal and regain confidence in you.

9. Seek Counseling or Mediation

In more complex situations, consider involving a therapist or mediator to facilitate communication and resolution.

Unarguably, the person you offended may not want to see you again. It is important to invite an external person who is a guru in the field of relationships to help facilitate the healing process.

10. Show Improvement

Focus on personal growth and self-improvement to prevent future lies and demonstrate your dedication to change.

11. Reestablish Boundaries

Discuss and set clear boundaries to prevent similar situations in the future and create a healthier relationship dynamic.

12. Stay Accountable

Hold yourself accountable for your actions and demonstrate consistency in your behaviour.

13. Monitor Progress

Periodically check in with the person you lied to and ask for feedback on how you’re doing in rebuilding trust.

14. Learn from Mistakes

It won’t make sense that you offended someone and after seeking forgiveness and, of course, being forgiven, you went ahead to repeat what you did initially.

Reflect on the reasons behind your lie and work on personal growth to prevent repeating the behaviour.

Remember that trust can take a long time to rebuild, and some individuals may choose not to fully trust you again. Be prepared for different responses and respect their feelings and decisions.


Rebuilding trust after lying is a complex process that requires self-reflection, sincere effort, and a commitment to honesty.

It involves acknowledging your mistakes, seeking forgiveness, and demonstrating a consistent change in behaviour over time.

Understanding the impact of your lies on the other person and communicating openly are crucial steps. Additionally, giving space and time, seeking professional help if necessary, and learning from your mistakes are key aspects of rebuilding trust in a damaged relationship.