Should I Stay Friends With My Ex?

So before we dive into this topic, let’s read two short stories relating to people who stayed friends with their ex.

First Story: Jerome and Sarah

Jerome and Sarah had been lovers for some time. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end after Jerome caught Sarah cheating on him.

However, after the breakup, Jerome’s love for Sarah was unmatched. He opted for them to remain friends since he couldn’t easily let her go.

Should I stay friends with my ex?

On one fine Saturday morning, Sarah visited Jerome. To his surprise, Sarah brought a wedding invitation card for him. She explained that he was a friend she couldn’t do without, and someone she cared so much about. She insisted it was necessary to invite him to the wedding.

This unexpected turn of events led both ex-lovers to tears and high emotions. One thing led to another, and they ended up being intimate.

A few weeks after Sarah’s wedding, the result of their intimacy became apparent. Sarah was pregnant with Jerome’s child. Interestingly, Jerome also got married a few days after Sarah did.

Sarah’s husband divorced her, and when she turned back to Jerome, unbeknownst to her, Jerome was already married.

Now, the big question is, what advice would you give to Sarah at this point?

Second Story: Helen and her ex

Helen’s ex still couldn’t believe that he had broken up with the woman he cared so much about. But because he couldn’t do anything to hurt her, he managed to accept the reality.

Helen and her ex's break up story

Although they remained friends, Helen introduced him to her new boyfriend. They also shared contact.

Interestingly, Helen’s new boyfriend would always call her ex to understand what Helen liked and how he could be the perfect person for her.

He became the best man at their wedding, and their relationship remained solid to this day.

Should I Stay Friends With My Ex?

Returning to this question, staying friends with your ex is up to you to decide.

When you break up with someone, you gain a certain form of freedom. Staying friends with them certainly implies that some of that freedom remains possible.

Finding someone like Helen’s ex is difficult. Many exes who choose to remain friends often have ulterior motives. You won’t know what’s on their mind until the right time to strike.

It could be the case of Jerome and Sarah in the first story or something worse than that.

I suggest maintaining a formal relationship with your exes instead of an informal one. By a formal relationship, I mean that both parties will understand their limits and know when they’re crossing boundaries.

This will help you maintain your sanity and focus on a new relationship you have found yourself in. Staying friends with your ex often doesn’t turn out well.

This is why I strongly advise you to completely end every relationship you have with your ex.

If you choose to maintain your friendship, then it should be formal, allowing you to avoid worrying about emotions.


The decision to stay friends with an ex-partner is a personal one, as illustrated by two stories.

In the first story, Jerome and Sarah’s breakup leads to unexpected consequences when they remain friends. The second story highlights the positive outcomes of Helen’s friendship with her ex.

The article emphasizes the importance of setting clear boundaries to avoid potential complications when staying friends with an ex.