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Sis Julie’s knacking and praying story

This story is about Sis Julie and how she prayed before and after knacking with her church boyfriend.

So it was around 8 pm when Sis Julie came back with her church member.

Everyone including me was preparing to go to bed.

My television was on but was silent. Julie and her church boyfriend opened the door and went inside.

A few moments later they started firing prayers. They cast and bound every demon that will attack them that night.

I was able to catch some sleep even in the loudness of their prayers.

At around 1:30 AM, I began to hear some funny sounds.

These kinds of sounds are known or heard during arousal and knacking sessions.

I woke up and thought the sound was coming from the Big Brother Naija reality Tv that was on my television.

I recalled that the television was silent and the sound was coming from Sis Julie’s room.

From her room what I was hearing was “do me more… harder! Harder!..” as if that was not enough the next sound I was hearing was “ta ta ta ta….”

With all these sounds coming from Sis Julie’s room it was too difficult for me to sleep again.

It was exactly 4:00 AM sharp and the next thing I heard was “let us pray”.

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Sis Julie began to pray to thank God for the gift of knacking and pray that the knacking should not lead to pregnancy.

At this point, I couldn’t bear it anymore. I dashed into her room and nearly caused a fight as it seems she is making a mockery of God.

How can she after fornicating still beg God not to allow her to conceive?

My annoyance is not even that she is begging God not to allow her to conceive but she had the effrontery to pray first before fornication.

You might have your say on this but seriously I am annoyed…

Feel free to leave your comments.

Note: This short story is fictional and doesn’t portray any realistic features. Disregard any form of familiarity as it was a mere coincidence.

Thanks for reading.

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