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Relationship Story: Adam and Ella’s love story

Relationship Story: adam and Ella's love story

The story of Adam and Ella falling in love was what no one would ever believe will come to fruition.

Adam had a different thing in mind when he told Ella about his feelings for her.

She on the other hand knew he wasn’t serious and didn’t bother to give him any attention.

How it all started

Ella and Adam were coursemates and came from families of conflicting financial backgrounds.

This means that Ella’s parents were awesomely rich while Adam’s parents were poor.

One interesting thing about these two was that Adam was excessively intelligent while Ella was not.

Noticing her poor performance in class, Adam opted to help her with her studies.

Though it did not happen so easily. It took the kangaroo to beat the lion in a fight before Adam and Ella became friends.

While in class, Adam noticed that Ella was unable to answer questions.

Her test results buttressed the fact that she needed academic help.

When Adam met her at the school love garden to see if there was anything he could do to help her academically. She gave him the most embarrassing slap of his life.

He couldn’t retaliate even though deep in his heart he was so infuriated.

Adam controlled his anger and quickly left the scene bearing grudges against her.

He became a laughing stock. His friends made a mockery of him as they said that he was unlucky with women.

Under the big tree that was found in the same love garden where he was previously slapped, Adam was busy studying what was considered the most difficult course in the department.

Ella came to the garden, and on sighting Adam her countenances changed.

She sat also in one of the moulded sits but refused to go anywhere closer to him.

Adam noticed her presence but decided not to say a single word to avoid another embarrassment.

Ella noticed that Adam was studying the subject that almost all students view as the most difficult.

How she would put up the courage to meet him to teach her was a very difficult task for her.

Finally, she was able to put her fears behind her and approached Adam.

“What is it again?” Adam asked.

Ella understood fully well that what she did the last time was wrong. She outrightly apologized and begged him for forgiveness.

Adam, despite taking a long time to consider forgiving her, finally gave in and told her she was forgiven.

This was how the two once-enemies became very good friends.

Adam and Ella's love story

Adam taught Ella everything she needs to know about the difficult subject.

He broke it down for her in such a way that she understood it better.

On a very good day, Ella invited him to dinner in her family house.

He objected because right from his family, staying up late at night was prohibited.

Finally, he gave in. He accepted the invitation and of course, it was the first time.

At Ella’s house, her parents welcomed him and appreciated him for the marvellous work he has done on their daughter.

It was indeed a thing of joy for Adam. He was eating at the same table with the people who are considered to be 50 times richer than his parents.

After dinner, Ella decided to take him on a tour around the house.

While they moved around, the last bus stop was in her room.

Her room was something else to behold.

To this very moment, no one can tell how the two individuals got hold of each other and started kissing and cuddling.

The love story of Ella and Adam

Their love began like this and they finally got married after school.

Indeed, Adam never meant to fall in love with his enemy.

They came together through that most difficult subject.

Today, he is not only in love and married to Ella, his life and that of his family changed for good because Ella ensured that their lives turned around for the good.

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