No one can ever believe this level of humanity. A couple had built a baby-saving box to help save babies from death or harm.

It was a box meant specifically for unwanted babies.

Many mothers who get pregnant out of wedlock and are not ready to take care of the child sometimes result in killing the child or depositing such child in a dustbin.

Ronel and Dick Peters from Swakopmund Namibia constructed a baby-saver box in a particular corner attached to their home.

They thought to themselves that it was wrong to allow these babies that are not wanted by their parents to die.

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Instead, they constructed the box and called on ladies who don’t want their babies to drop their babies in the box.

From reports gathered by Nekenwa Stories, the box constructed by Ronel and Peters had saved nothing less than 7 babies.

So if this box was not available, who would have known the fate of those 7 babies?

People have not stopped to pray for the couple. It is never an easy task to take the responsibility of taking care of babies you never knew how they were conceived or who gave birth to them.

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Ronel and Peters have called on ladies to desist from harming their unwanted babies but rather deposit them in the box.

Feel free to see photos of Ronel and Peters taking good care of the unwanted babies.

Couple builds saver box to save unwanted children
Baby saver box in construction
Saver box in construction
Baby saver box constructed complete
Babies saved from the saver box
Mr Peters taking care of the kids
Ronel and the babies
Couple builds saver box to save unwanted children


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