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The story of Shina Rambo you may not know

story of Shina Rambo you may not know

If you are in Nigeria you must have heard of a story about a notorious criminal called Shina Rambo.

A movie about the criminal was also created by the Nollywood industry to show a bit about what Shina Rambo did in Nigeria.

First of all, Rambo is a citizen of Yoruba land who became what he was because he copied it from his father.

Matthew Oluwanifemi, who later became the deadly Shina Rambo became an armed robber after his father who served in the Nigerian army ignorantly showed him the way to criminality.

His father during the 1990s served in the military. He returns home daily with lots of money stained with human blood.

Rambo, who was only 7 at this time, would always ask his father if this was human or animal blood.

At all times the innocent Rambo would ask his father, it is either he gets silence, scolding or lies as a response.

The soldier regularly came back home with his gun and while his son watched him copulate his gun, the child learnt how guns are arranged.

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On a fateful day, the innocent Rambo got one of his father’s guns and went into robbery.

He continued like this until one day his father came to know that he is harbouring a notorious criminal like himself in the same house.

His father tried to get rid of him but Shina Rambo escaped.

In his hideout, Rambo went to Cross River State where he went to obtain strong spiritual powers.

It was known that Rambo slept in cemeteries for many days, and sacrificed many newborn babies just to be one of the most powerful in the world.

All these fortifications made him stronger. The police and army came looking for him but never for once did they get hold of him.

His weak point and the only reason he was captured was that his wife and children were detained by the police.

Rambo came out of his hiding place and surrendered himself to the police to ensure the safety of his wife and children.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment not until President Olusegun Obasanjo came to power in 2005.

That same year, the president granted Shina Rambo and many other presidential pardons.

After the pardon, Shina Rambo went back to answering his real name which was Mathew Oluwanifemi.

He became an evangelist teaching and sharing his life experience to pass the good message of God.

Till the time of sharing this story, Matthew Oluwanifemi is still alive.

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