It is a wow indeed. A child not more than 6 years old had told her parents that the only birthday gift she wanted was to visit the homeless people.

Her parents were astonished as to why their child was hoping for such an offer.

Her father okayed her request but insisted that the child must request a tangible birthday present.

She thought over and over again, the little girl told her father to build a home for the homeless people.

It was a big request for her father this time. How is he going to go about it?

She told him that even though he can’t give them money to start a new life, having a home at least will help save them from the dangers of the nights.

The man hugged his daughter so tightly and was blessed for having such a child.

He couldn’t control the tears that fell from his eyes.

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He enquired about who advised her to ask for this as a birthday present.

Little Rose told her father that their teacher told them a touching story about homeless people.

Her teacher also told them that when they grow up and have the opportunity to help homeless people, they should never resist helping them.

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Their teacher showed them many pictures of how homeless people looked and how they beckoned to be remembered by humanity.

Moved further by this touching story, her father hugged her again.

He made enquiries about the teacher and to the surprise of everyone, he wired 12 million into the teacher’s account and encouraged him to remain good.

Her father promised to do as his 6-year-old daughter has requested.

He built a well-furnished 3-storey building. Each room was a single room that had a toilet, bathroom and kitchen in it.

It was a building that housed over 200 rooms.

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After building the house, he opened a foundation for his daughter and handed the building to the new manager.

He warned that no one on no account should collect house rents from the homeless people who are now housing the building.

Also, the man told the manager to ensure that the house is in good condition and anyone who feels like leaving is free to live but no money for whatever reason should be collected from any person residing in the building.

Wrapping up

Can such a child ever exist? Does such a parent exist?

Though there are good people everywhere, it is difficult to find one.

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional but with lots of lessons. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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