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WOW! Mother teaches daughter-in-law how to cook

The gospel fact is that mothers of this nature are rather too difficult to find.

Mothers who taught their daughters-in-law how to cook are the rarest set of people you can ever see on this planet earth.

Below is her story

WOW! Mother teaches daughter-in-law how to cook

It happened that my son after three weeks of marriage regularly stopped at the old house.

As the mother, I’ve always wondered why his love for the family house will never end.

He is now a married man so he should spend more time with his wife.

One certain thing that kept on repeating was his consistent request for food each time he visits.

On a particular Thursday evening when he came around, I asked him what was going on.

His excuses were nothing to write home about.

The next day, he came to the house to eat. This time around, he came with his best friend Damian.

I’ve known Damian as my son’s only trusted friend.

Because of my knowledge of him, I decided to confide in him.

It was then that Damian told me that my daughter-in-law can’t cook good food for her husband.

Damian also added that any day he skips his old family house, his (Damian) house is where my son will eat.

A night with my sister-in-law

I felt sorry for my son. “How do I get involved in this case?” I wondered to myself.

I must be honest, even the thoughts of telling my son to regularly eat in restaurants and also break up with his wife never ceased to cross my mind.

Finally, I resolved to tell my son to inform his wife that I want to see her on Saturday morning.

I told him to tell her that I would like her to follow me somewhere.

On Saturday morning my daughter-in-law arrived and I told her that I will be having a handful of guests on Sunday and would appreciate her following me to the market and buying some foodstuffs.

I noticed the changes in her face but I didn’t buy it.

We came back to the market and we entered the kitchen.

I did the cooking myself while she observed.

After cooking, I asked my daughter-in-law to divide the food into two.

When she was done with the division, I told her to take home half of the food.

The joy that overwhelmed my daughter-in-law’s face was second to none.

She thanked me so much and went home.

I expected the food to finish in a week.

Just like I expected, one week later, my son started coming to the house to eat again.

Once again I requested the presence of my daughter-in-law.

She came and we repeated the same initial process.

We tried it again for the third time and for the fourth time, I allowed her to cook by herself.

I stood close to her to monitor her cooking.

Until she finished cooking I didn’t tell her when to add any ingredients.

She did it all by herself and it was indeed a great meal.

My daughter-in-law’s cooking skills became greater than mine.

She appreciated me for doing what most mothers-in-law cannot do for their daughters-in-law.

Instead of encouraging my son to take a second wife, I rather took it as a responsibility to teach her.

The Little Stephanie and the Hot Pot

It’s been a month now and my son no longer comes to the house to eat anything.

From what my son told me, my daughter-in-law is nurturing the thoughts of starting a restaurant within their area.

That’s my story.

We mothers are more experienced than the wives of our children.

It is also our responsibility to teach them what they don’t know.

Help save your children’s families and not add salt to an open wound.

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