In Amaeshe village in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State, members of Ebubeagu have reportedly murdered an innocent youth during a peaceful protest.

Ebubeagu is a security outfit launched by the South East Governors to help fight insecurity in the region.

It was gathered that the Oguta youths came out en-mass to protest the activities of Ebubeagu in the community and the local government by extension.

While they booed at the unprofessional Ebubeagu personnels, they opened fire on the peaceful protesters.

Immediately, youths who were protesting scampered for their lives.

The gun fired at the peaceful protesters left one dead and two injured.

Mr Kelechi Ogbonna, a 25-year-old man took his last breath during the protest as he was the person at the receiving end of the bullet.

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At one point, the angry youths regrouped and went after the regional security operatives.

Nekenwa Stories gathered that the police division in the local government swiftly moved into the scene to avoid the crisis from escalating.

They took the remains of Mr Kelechi Ogbonna and deposited them in a nearby morgue.

Clips from the video showed that mothers in their numbers came out to protest the killing of the innocent Kelechi who was only protesting against the evil activities of Ebubeagu in the area.

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Recall that on the 17th of June, about 14 or more youths were murdered in cold blood at Awo mmamma in the same Imo State.

A huge protest is looming in the Oguta Local Government Area at the time of writing this.

No member of Ebubeagu appears to be safe as the youths are ready to avenge the death of Mr Kelechi.

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