In the Lagos State of Nigeria, many Igbos have been denied access to their PVC registration.

Igbos living in Lagos came out en masse to do their voter’s card registration on Thursday but were denied the right to do so.

Videos going viral on Thursday indicated that INEC officials told Igbos to go to their motherland and register for their PVC.

On Wednesday, Bola Ahmed Tinubu was declared the winner of the APC presidential primary election.

Tinubu is a one-time governor of Lagos state. You can now see where tribalism is coming from.

Because Tinubu is contesting for the 2023 General election, so is Peter Obi, an Igbo man. Lagos state INEC has refused to register Igbos for the fear that they won’t vote for Tinubu.

The issue of tribalism is at its peak in Nigeria.

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While people are advised to go get their PVCs and also select whom they feel is more credible, INEC-Lagos has refused that possibility.

The possibility of getting a PVC in Lagos is now a problem for Igbos because of tribalism.

Feel free to watch videos of how people are refused to do their PVC registration.

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