A video that went viral on Thursday indicated Fr Mbaka making defamatory comments against Mr Peter Obi the presidential aspirant of the Labour Party, LP.

The Catholic bishop of Enugu, Very Rev. Callistus V.C. Onaga blasted Fr Mbaka over his comments against Mr Peter Obi.

According to a press release, the church distanced itself from the Priest’s statement stating that it was completely against the church’s code of conduct.

They have also said that they are following all means necessary to calm the situation.

Fr Mbaka is a well-respected Catholic priest in Nigeria. His affluence has influenced many spheres of the country’s livelihood.

After repeating the same statement on June 15, Mbaka has not known his landing space as Nigerians have refused to allow the case to die off like that.

The church from their press release is cooking a punishment for the priest.

A humble piece of advice for the man of God is that he should understand his position in the country and refrain from making defamatory statements that are detrimental to the public’s well-being.

It is possible that the statement was a mere opinion or imputes other than a prophecy.

If that is the case, he is therefore advised to tender an apology to Mr Obi to win back the people’s love.

In 2015, Mbaka prophesied that Buhari is a God sent to Nigeria.

From that time till now, people are yet to understand what the priest meant by “God sent”.

Buhari is doing the complete opposite of what the people extracted from Mbaka’s “God sent” prophecy.

On Thursday, Mbaka made yet again another statement that got everyone talking.

He said that Peter Obi was stingy and Nigeria doesn’t need a stingy man as a leader.

Since the time he made this statement, the country has been divided into two camps.

The first camp criticized the Priest’s statement and the other camp supported him.

Man against Peter Obi calls out Psquare over bad road

It is therefore not far-fetched that the people supporting the ideas of the priest are those who are supporting other political parties.

Fr Mbaka should understand that Mr Peter Obi is the people’s choice of leader.

If he has any personal issue with the man he has every freedom to meet him and settle.

Bringing it to the public domain is unacceptable and could cause Nigeria another possible 8 years of hardship.

Mbaka claimed that Nigerians will die of hunger if Obi emerges as the president of Nigeria.

In replying to the Man of God’s statement, people are saying that it is better to have a stingy president who understands how to better spend a country’s resources.

Mbaka’s statement, if I am wrong, also compounded one of the reasons Goodluck Jonathan lost in 2015.

He repeated the same thing to Peter Obi before the 2019 presidential election where he told Obi that he and Atiku can never win if he doesn’t donate anything to the church.

Obi vehemently refused to donate any money to the church. He asked the priest to show him a project he can invest in and not waste his money on something that might not be useful to any person.

This was one of the things that got Mbaka infuriated and he told the people’s choice that he can’t win the presidential election.

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