Man against Peter Obi calls out Psquare over bad road

A social media user identified as Son of David has on Saturday evening called out Psquare relating to bad roads that lead to their home.

Mr Son of David said that while Psquare fights Tinubu, the road that leads to their home in Anambra is unmotorable.

He started by blasting those who supported Peter Obi saying that Obi could not put ordinary streets in order when he was a governor.

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The man’s statement on Twitter reads

This is the road leading to the family compound of @PeterPsquare and @rudeboypsquare in Ifitedunu (see link). But they want to take Nigeria back for Obi from Banana Island that Tinubu brought Eko Atlantic Chagoury group to build.”

However, supporters of Peter Obi have turned the young man into shreds as they want him to tell them for how many years Peter Obi last in office.

They did not fail to request pictorial evidence leading to his family compound.

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