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How to kill weeds without tools

Are you just like me who hates to see weeds grow in my garden? Well, you are welcome to join me in today’s new findings on how to kill weeds without tools.

Though this mechanism has been around for quite some time. I discovered it and would like to share the idea with you.

Do you use your bare hands to uproot weeds before or do you use cutlasses or other tools to kill weeds before? Okay below is an easy approach I learned and would love to share with you.

The Little Stephanie and the Hot Pot

This time around, you don’t need to stress yourself anymore in the name of fighting unwanted plants in your garden.

It is going to be super simple and easy to learn. All you have to do is to get yourself ready to start combatting those weeds in your environment.

Fortunately, you can produce this at home.

So let’s get started.

Things involved killing weeds without tools

  • Bowl or any container
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Detergent
  • Sprayer or any alternative

Bowl or any container: you can use your bowl or anything that can help to carry other materials needed to form the chemical that will help to kill weeds in your garden.

Salt: No family be it the home of a bachelor or spinster that would say they don’t have salt in their house.

I bet you have salt in your house so getting it wouldn’t be a problem.

Water: Another material we will need is Water. Of course, we can always get water from our home.

Detergent: to get the mixture done you will need detergent whether liquid or dust-like

Sprayer: A sprayer or any alternative sprayer will be needed to help in distributing the mixture on the bodies of the weed.

How to mix the materials needed to kill weeds

Step 1. Get the bowl ready

Step 2. Add a litre of water

Step 3. Add at least 10 spoonfuls of salt

Step 4. Your detergent of 10 spoonfuls should be added.

Step 5. Stir the mixed contents

With the above steps, you have successfully created an anti-weed chemical at home.

Now let’s dive in on how to apply it.

How to destroy weeds at home using our new formed anti-weed chemical


Pour the mixed contents into a sprayer or the available alternative and begin to sprinkle it on the weed.

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Depending on the kind of weed, you will begin to see an immediate result.

The unwanted plant will begin to die as soon as possible.

Also, sometimes it takes at least three days to see results.

So if maybe you are applying the anti-weed chemical and there is no instant result, don’t worry, just go ahead to finish sprinkling it on the weed.

If the mixed contents get exhausted, feel free to create a new one and continue from where you stopped.

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After three days, don’t forget to come back and testify how this has helped.

Also, during the application of the anti-weed chemical do not forget to avoid the wanted plants as this could also be destructive to them.

So be careful when applying the chemical to the weeds.

Thanks for reading. See ya in our next homemade tip…

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