In recent times, unfortunate tales have been making rounds claiming that an Igbo man is the problem of Nigeria.

Those stories created an avenue for more hatred for the Igbos.

Should I say that since after the war, Igbos have suffered more pain than any other ethnic group in the country?

After relegating the Igbo nation to an unbearable state they end up claiming that Igbos are the problem of Nigeria.

Honestly, this story is ridiculous and shouldn’t be allowed to fly.

Since after the war which of course was not caused by the Igbos, the Igbos have suffered more than the fate of a fourth-class citizen in a country.

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In a country where peace, unity and equity are said to be the order of the day, hatred had taken over.

What the Igbos face at the hands of other ethnic groups in Nigeria is too alarming.

Despite succeeding in dividing the Igbo communities and forcing them to believe that they are not Igbos, the core Igbo nations suffer more humiliation.

If the Nigerian environment sees an opportunity of dividing Igbos until none exists, trust me, it would have been done a long time ago.

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OPINION: How is an Igbo man the problem of Nigeria?

Since the independence of Nigeria, after the reign of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, who was the first Governor-General of the country, no Igbo man has smelt the office of the president in Nigeria.

When they complain they are forced to accept that they are the problems of Nigeria.

But how?

How do you conclude that Igbos are the problems of Nigeria when they are not recognized in important governmental positions?

How do you conclude that an Igbo man is the problem of Nigeria when you have instigated him to kill his brother.

Are the Igbos the ones travelling from one state to the other causing havoc in their host states?

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For more than 50 years, an Igbo man has travelled all parts of Nigeria. He has lived in peace with them and no one can testify that Igbos are what they are pictured as.

How do you conclude that an Igbo man is the problem of Nigeria when you don’t give him room to air his view.

A good example is the just concluded primary elections.

If not for Peter Obi leaving the People’s Democratic Party, PDP for Labour Party, LP, no Igbo man would have thought of contesting for the presidential seat in Nigeria for the forthcoming 2023 election.

In a country where most of the natural resources are coming from, people in the region are forced to cater for themselves.

Unlike other regions where resources compared to what is extracted in Igboland are lesser, yet, Igbos always have their wounds to leak.

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The federal government uses their might to extract the resources from Igboland and yet, common roads to those areas are not anything to write home about.

An Igbo man who has no access to federal government amenities, how come he is the problem of Nigeria?

Still on the quest for the country’s number one. If an Igbo man is the problem of Nigeria, what makes you think he is ready to forfeit his business and go after an irrelevant Permanent Voter Card?

An Igbo man locked up his shop to find a way to better Nigeria. Yet, you still see him as a problem in Nigeria.

In my final words, if you are still convinced by the notion that an Igbo man is the problem of Nigeria, you need a medical checkup because from all indications, you are the problem this country is facing.


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