“Mehn, you’ve got a hot maid there” was the only statement that came out of Gabriel’s mouth the moment Sarah went back inside.

Without wasting any time I rebuked him and warned him never to go anywhere close to my maid.

He smiled and of course, I was able to understand what his smile meant.

“Bad guy! I know you have knack her kpekus” he said.

Even though I wasn’t satisfied with his foul language I still warned him to stay away from my maid.

I know that Sarah might be a hot maid and the very type that almost all men would crave. The truth is that she is the last person I would expect anyone to toil with.

Hell Bola brought to his family

Since the sudden death of my wife, Sarah has been the only person taking care of me.

On many occasions, I tried to stop her from doing what was expected of my wife, but she told me that my wife was not there to do them.

She drew my attention to herself when on a particular day she was cleaning my late wife’s room.

The hot maid (the only lady of the house)

I came back from the gym and realized that someone was in my late wife’s room.

My mind did not recall that my wife was late. I just went to the room and grabbed her by the waist.

Sarah shouted “Sir! What are you doing?”

Immediately, I came back to my senses. I couldn’t utter a single word. I left the room in shame and heartbreak.

Sarah noticed I’ve not left my room ever since the incident occurred.

How a healthy environment promotes healthy living

She came to my room and apologized for being immature and insensible.

I told her that it wasn’t her fault. I was just carried away by the thoughts of my late wife.

My hot maid tried to make the promise of being my wife. She said “Sir, how would it sound if I assumed the position of your wife. At least with that, you won’t miss your late wife again”.

That got me infuriated. I ordered her out of my room before I did something I would forever regret.

She quickly ran to her duty post and never brought up the topic again.

Sarah came into my household two weeks after my wife died.

At her arrival, I was so carried away by the level of her beauty.

She has an alarming backside (butts) and her baby’s food (breast) was second to none.

I realized how tempting this could mean for a man who was once married. I told her that the job wasn’t for her. I told her that she was too hot for the job and I can’t afford to have a hot maid in my house.

She told me how she needed the job so badly so that she could make money and start taking care of her sick mother in the village.

That touched me, I had no other option but to employ one of the hottest maids of all times.

Sarah after I rebuked her for wanting to replace my late wife in my life, she always played a far-distance discussion whenever she had anything to enquire from me.

She became more serious and diligent with her work.

That made me love her more and also entrusted the keys to my house to her.

Why my family lawyer made advances on me

On a very good day, I came back from work and I found her running away from something.

I just came into the living room and she was hastily running down the staircase.

“What is it?” I enquired.

Behold, my friend Gabriel was also running down the staircase holding his partially loose trousers.

“Sir he tried to r*pe me”, she said.

I ordered her to go to her room. When she left, Gabriel couldn’t deny it. All he had to say was that I had a hot maid and I am allowing her to slip off my hands when I have all the opportunity to sleep with her.

Without wasting further time I asked Gabriel to get out of my house.

He never believed that I could say such a thing. He came to know that I was more serious when I picked up my phone to call 911.

At this point, he knew I was serious. He quickly picked up his phone on my table and left looking at me like someone he had plans to avenge anything on.

In the evening when Sarah served my meal, she thanked me for saving her.

At this point, I couldn’t resist the feelings that were building up lately.

I enquired about her relationship life and she told me that she had none and wasn’t ready for any.

All her concern was her sick mother and maybe finally finishing her education.

I stood up, held her hands, and asked her to marry me.

That was me being stupid but she told me that it wasn’t possible since I don’t know anything about her.

Without waiting for her to finish her statements, I kissed her.

“Sir, please!” She said I sat back in my seat in disappointment and she tried to leave.

Immediately, she ran back to me and blessed me with a very hot kiss.

It continued from there to the bedroom.

A few months later, my once hot maid became my wife.

We had kids and God-fearing ones at that. Of course, I reconciled with Gabriel and life remained a cool one for all of us.

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