Hell Bola brought to his family

The family of Bola has suffered so much pain over the years and they seek a solution to the problem.

Every person kept on seeking a lasting solution for the family. Bola suggested the efforts of a man who was described as a magician.

He said that the magician had a solution to the family’s problem.

When the family requested to know who this highly rated magician was, they rejected him outrightly by the time he was introduced.

Bola insisted that the magician must stay to perform his magic.

Despite the family’s disagreement to allow the hated magician to come and solve their age-long problem, Bola insisted the magician stay.

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Bola had his way into making the magician the problem solver for the family.

Finally, the expected began to happen. Bola did not expect what he was seeing from the magician. That is to say, the magician was working contrarily to why he was employed.

The family prayed for the harbinger of their previous problems to return but it was already too late.

Before, they perceived their grandfather to be the actual cause of their problem. For that, they connived with the government and he was imprisoned for years.

The magician became worse than their grandfather. Even though they went to beg the government to release their grandfather, the man refused to return to the family.

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The time given to the magician was almost coming to an end. He needed someone to hand over to.

Someone else is needed to help in solving the family’s problem.

Bola was ready to carry on from the magician. Shocking to him, the same magician he did everything possible to put into office never liked him for once.

The Vudu man went out and invited one of his dreaded brothers to continue from where he had stopped.

Bola was seen crying but unfortunately, there was nothing he could do.

He succeeded in bringing a magician who crippled the economy of his family. And when he thought it was his turn to pilot the affairs of his family, he got the shocking tale of his life.

Another stranger is set to pilot the affairs of his family. Bola is in tears but it is rather too late to cry.

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