Freedom Match of three emerging nations in Africa

From the 14th to the 15th day of June 2022, three great emerging nations in Africa will be protesting in Brussels, Belgium. Among these three nations are Biafra, Oduduwa and Ambazonia.

Biafra once had her independence in 1967 which was orchestrated by marginalisation in the Nigerian state. They make up the entire Eastern part of Nigeria and are densely populated by the Igbo-speaking people.

Oduduwa is a to-be country made up of Yorubas in the Western part of Nigeria.

Ambazonians are the anglophone-speaking region of Cameroon. Just like other nations, they also seek separation from Cameroon.

The 14th to 15th one million-man match by these emerging groups will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

They are protesting at the gates of the European Union Headquarters to inform the world that they are tired of staying in Nigeria and Cameroon.

The motive was to pressure the world leaders to force the Nigerian government to heed the international human rights provision of self-determination.

World leaders have turned deaf and blind eyes to the happenings in the Eastern, Western parts of Nigeria and also, the anglophone-speaking region of Cameroon.

Because of this silence from the international communities, the one million-man protest became necessary for the entire world to know.

When will Biafra and other nations come?

The freedom of Biafra and other nations is completely in the hands of God. It is the prayer of everyone to work towards the liberation of these countries.

God has the power to liberate these nations. All hands are on deck pushing for their liberation.

There have been efforts to jeopardize the forthcoming one million match protest in Brussels.

Unfortunately for the haters of good things, the match for freedom will take place.

Biafra and other nations are coming very soon and nothing on this planet earth can stop it.

Because freedom is the fundamental right of every human being, the freedom of these great nations is inevitable.

Cracks between Biafra and Oduduwa

There has never been a time when it was recorded that Biafrans got into a war with the Yorubas.

Infiltrators and bad eggs in the system have always pushed for the wrong narratives.

The evil ones among these emerging countries are the people instigating violence among the groups.

Nnamdi Kanu created the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) who are currently championing the freedom movement of Biafra as a nonviolent organization.

To achieve this, IPOB is located in over 150 countries of the world making it the largest freedom fighting group in the world.

Freedom Match of three emerging nations in Africa

At first, people saw Kanu as another Uwazuruike who has come to play in the minds of his people.

With time people came to realise that Nnamdi Kanu meant great for his people.

Stop causing future community conflicts IPOB warns Wike

Because of his sacrifices which include and are not limited to; attempts to take his life by the Nigerian government, the death of his parents, going to prison etc, people have grown to love him more than anything life can offer.

The re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu in June 2021, sparked lots of sorrow among his followers and Biafra citizens.

Despite all that, the love people have for him never faded.

On each day he appeared in court, Biafrans and lovers of freedom occupied the court premises.

All over Biafra land will be on total lockdown limiting vehicles and every other form of movement.

The freedom of Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra is a task that must be done. This is why the one million-man match in Brussels became necessary.

Unlike before, it used to be a protest of just one emerging nation. This time around, things changed.

Other emerging nations like Yoruba and Oduduwa have joined the Biafrans to protest for the emancipation of the three regions.

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