A White garment church was caught on camera defending themselves against further terror attacks somewhere in Yoruba land.

People might not know what the country is turning into.

Arming citizens to defend themselves is now the surest way of keeping them safe.

It is already obvious that the citizens of the country no longer have confidence in the government of their country as it matters to their safety.

Since the Ondo attack, people are no longer sure of their safety.

Even though the government kept on promising them complete safety, such is not seen happening.

In a viral video, members of a white garment church were seen carrying guns to defend themselves.

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The Ondo Catholic church massacre was an event that shouldn’t be repeated.

The only way to avoid it from reoccurring is only when people have the freedom to defend themselves.

All hopes in the incumbent government have failed as it regards the safety of life and properties.

Despite government promises of bringing perpetrators to book, the evil doers are still carrying out their activities in broad daylight.

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The attack in the Ondo community was carried out in broad daylight and yet, no military or security personnel was within reach.

It was after the attack that the so-called security personnels started showing their faces.

The viral video is a pure message to the government that they have failed and should allow citizens to protect themselves.


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